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When you’re aiming for a top-performing herd, P4 Rapid makes the difference

Dairy farmers are frustrated. Herd fertility is dropping and hitting profits that are already squeezed.

Now, with P4 Rapid, you can help your farmers reverse this trend.

P4 Rapid is a quick and easy heat test. With your specialist advice, it will help farmers increase their herd fertility and productivity. It will save them money on wasted straws and unnecessary culls. And it will help prevent early calving, abortions and infections. Tell me more.

A tool for vets and farmers that gives you both the edge

P4 Rapid is available in the UK through veterinary practice. As farmers see the results P4 Rapid brings, they’ll be happy to make it part of their daily routine.

Which means you’ll see your sales rise. And if you’re paid by results as part of a herd management service, expect to see your income go up too.

So to get the best for you and your farmers, it pays to have P4 Rapid in stock.
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Why P4 Rapid makes the difference

Because P4 Rapid measures the progesterone levels in a cow’s milk, with correct use, you can depend on it to give reliable results.

Unlike other heat detection devices, because heat monitors won’t detect false bulling, they won’t detect silent heat and they can be triggered by actions unrelated to heat, for example a cow running from a dog.

If you’d like more information on the science behind P4 Rapid, such as its sensitivity and specificity and how it performs against ELISA tests, please contact us. We’re happy to help.

P4 Rapid is developed and produced in the UK by Ridgeway Science

Helping vets help farmers

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