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How to use P4 Rapid

How to run the test

How to read the results

Follow the simple steps below and in just five minutes P4 Rapid will confirm whether or not your cow is in heat. It’s that quick. And it’s accurate. Which means you can depend on P4 Rapid’s valuable information to help you cut waste and save money. Overall, it will help you build a healthier and more productive herd.

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Please follow these steps carefully.

To ensure reliable results NEVER:

How to read your P4 Rapid test results

Your P4 Rapid test will confirm whether or not your cow is in heat. It will also give you valuable information in relation to other fertility issues.What is P4 Rapid? The test results are easy to read as they depend on just two lines - the control line and the test line.


If the test line is darker than or equal to the control line then progesterone is low.


If the control line is darker then progesterone is high.

NB: If there is no visible control line the test has failed. Test again with another stick taking care to follow the instructions above.

The P4 Rapid test stick

What does my test tell me?


Silent Heat, Anovular, Cystic and other problem cows

The results above are based on a cycling cow. If you are not sure that your cow is cycling, test your cow with P4 Rapid on the same day of the week for 3 weeks. Record the date and cow number on the stick and keep the three sticks together. If you have 2 x high (one strong line) and 1 x low (two strong lines) then your cow is cycling. If you get three matching results (3 x high or 3 x low) over the three weeks of testing, please consult your vet or P4 Rapid supplier as your cow may be anovular or cystic.

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