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P4 Rapid is produced in Great Britain by Ridgeway Science, a division of Ridgeway Research.

Since 1986, the Ridgeway group have been working closely with the veterinary, agriculture and research sectors, leading the way in developing exciting new products and services as part of their commitment to farming, animal health and scientific excellence.

Today Ridgeway are known the world over as experts in progesterone testing for the dairy farmer. Their testing kits are recognised globally as the gold standard by which other products are measured.

Many of the heat detection products on the market today use progesterone tests as part of their development. And it’s Ridgeway Science who supplies these tests.

Now, P4 Rapid brings you and your farmers this same gold-standard progesterone testing to use on the farm. With many applications, P4 Rapid will help you achieve the best herd fertility for the farms in your care.

aboutI strongly believe the best person to advise a farmer on herd fertility is their vet. That is why we are committed to a vet only sales model in the UK
Director, Ridgeway Group.


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