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P4 Rapid: the essential heat detection tool for vets and dairy farmers.

Because it pays to be sure.

What is P4 Rapid?

P4 Rapid is an in-milk heat detection test. It’s fast,
easy and accurate. Brilliant for your cows that show
no reliable signs or behaviours.

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Where to buy P4 Rapid

In the UK you can buy P4 Rapid from your local vet.
And it’s available in 63 other countries through our
network of distributors.

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“Progesterone testing is proving a valuable tool, and becoming part of the routine here. It allows us to identify cows returning to heat that we would have previously missed.”

Robert Graham, Dairy Farmer, North Yorkshire

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P4 Rapid helps you build a more productive and profitable herd. Because one quick and easy test will confirm whether or not your cow is in heat.

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P4 Rapid gives you valuable information on a cow’s fertility, fast. And as a UK supplier you’ll enjoy an increase in your practice sales too.

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We give our team of distributors expert sales support. Exactly what you’d expect from a company known the world over as experts in their field.

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